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How do I transfer books from my old Kindle to my new one?

by Kindle Support

I want to give my old Kindle to my younger brother and buy a new one for myself. How do I transfer books from my old Kindle to my new one?

Transferring your books from your old Kindle to your new one should not be an issue. Just follow the following steps:

  • 1. Open your account and go to the “Manage Your Account Page.”
  • 2. Switch on the “Whispersync Device Synchronization.
  • 3. In our old Kindle Keyboard, click the “Menu” button. Then select “Sync and Check for Items” to synchronize data in your old Kindle with the data in your account.
  • 4. Switch on your new Kindle. Select settings, and then click register. Enter the user ID and password that you use in your account.
  • 5. Go to “visit your Kindle page”. Then click the “Actions” button. You can find it on the right side of Kindle content that you have recently bought or downloaded.
  • 6. Transfer the content to your new Kindle by clicking “Deliver to my...” From the dropdown menu for deliver, select your device.
  • 7. All contents in your old Kindle are now transferred to your new one

Following these steps has worked to many Kindle users. However, there are instances when no matter what you do, you fail to transfer the books in your old Kindle to your new one. If this still happens after trying several times, contact Amazon Kindle Support Australia for assistance and you will find instant solutions to your problem with your Kindle.

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