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Kindle loses wifi internet connection, How to fix this problem?

by Kindle Support

I wasn’t able to use my Kindle since yesterday because Kindle loses internet connectivity. How can I resolve this problem?

Kindle is one of the latest versions of Kindle. It is better than the older version, but just like any other devices, it also has its shortcomings and one of this is that t usually loses connection with Wi-Fi. This is a big problem because losing connection means you cannot download any books that you want to read.

To make sure that you will not lose connectivity, here are some steps to follow:

  • 1. Shut down your Kindle by holding the power button for several seconds until a question asking you if you want to shut it down pop up. Then, tap the shut down button. Switch off your router as well. Then, turn on your Kindle as well as the router. If nothing happens, try the next step.
  • 2. Reboot your Kindle by holding down the power button for 40 seconds. This might solve your problem.
  • 3. You can also reset your device to its factory setting by going to your account and deregister your device. Then you click the “Erase Everything”. To prevent losing important files, create a back up before resetting your device.

If your device still cannot connect to Wi-Fi, it is time for you to contact Kindle Support Australia for assistance. Expert technicians will help you fix the issue by phone. You will be give commands to execute. Following instructions accurately will resolve your problem in no time at all.

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