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How To Change Kindle Language From Chinese To English?

by Kindle Support

When I opened my Kindle, the text is in Chinese characters already. How can I change the language in English?

Even if you default language is English, there are instances when the language is changed to another language. Here are some steps to take to change back the language to English.

  • 1. Go to your menu and tap settings.
  • 2. Click device options, and then go to language and dictionaries.
  • 3. Options that will change the language, keyboard layout and dictionaries will appear.
  • 4. Select English for language, the specific region layout, and English for the dictionary.
  • 5. Your Kindle will now show text in English language.

There are instances though, when despite following all these steps, the language will not change. Don’t lose hope. For quick and reliable solutions, contact Kindle fire support number +(61) 283206016 for assistance. When you use its toll free number, you will be connected to the Kindle support Australia headquarters and an expert technician will take you call. You will be asked to explain your problem. Do this clearly because the technician will make his diagnosis based on your explanation. After the technician has heard your problem, he will provide a solution right away so make sure that your computer is right in front of you with your Kindle open. Just execute the prompts he gives and your Kindle will display text in English.

Since Amazon Kindle support Australia is a third party service provider, you might have to pay for services rendered. This will not present any problems because services are all affordable.

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